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The History of NAMI Mobile

NAMI-Mobile, originally known as MOSAMI (Mobile Support Alliance for the Mentally Ill)

Early in 1980, the Mobile Mental Health Association, under the guidance of Florence Tate, sponsored a weekend workshop for the families of those suffering from severe mental illnesses.  Because the thirteen families involved were so grateful to find others facing the problems of mental illnesses, they vowed to meet monthly to offer support, compare notes and assist one another in finding the best care for their loved ones. Some of the original members included Bob and Ann Brown, the John Cleverdon’s, Howard and Roberta Hudgens, Frank and Irene Frazer, Jose and Audra LaCalle and Sue Betbeze.

After about a year of meeting at one another’s homes, two ladies in north Alabama, Ruth Karr of Huntsville and Betty Rhodes of Montgomery, contacted Sue Betbeze to discuss similar issues throughout the state.  The three ladies met in Montgomery under the auspices of the Montgomery MHA and formed a loose alliance of support groups from their respective areas. Within a year the group was contacted by a representative of a support group in Birmingham and from this liaison, AMI-Alabama was formed   

In 1982, several members attended a convention in New Orleans sponsored by a recently formed National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.  This movement had its beginnings in St. Louis, Missouri.

In February 1987 the Probate Court of Mobile County awarded a Certificate of Incorporation to the Mobile Alliance for the Mentally Ill and in May 1999, the Mobile Support Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Inc. was officially changed to NAMI Mobile.

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